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Only The Brave

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Visual richness & Graphic pureness

With Sacha, it’s better to be prepared right now to get a true esthetic chock. It can be in the advertisement, the music video or the fiction, a type he really likes. This young film director doesn’t stop fascinating us with the incredible graphic flawlessness of his shots; which are associated to a visual wealth that can just captivate us.

He doesn’t go with easiness: he’s going to look for natural pictures, strong with symbols, but always free of interpretation. For all that, nothing goes over. Everything is extremely managed and perfectly exectuted. It ends by audacious movies, in all possible kinds: a breathless parkour performance on the rooftops for Diesel, a dark comedy absurdly delicious with Michel Fau and Gaspard Ulliel for his last short film “Ordalie”, or even a music video with a strange and unexpected universe for Isaac Delusion, where we follow a priest having a redemption through a mysterious Russian Orthodox ritual.